What is Financial Empowerment?

Many Americans struggle with managing their personal finances today.  We are inundated with conflicting messages about the best ways to save money and build wealth, often by those anxious to sell us their “solution” to our problem.  Who can we trust to provide us with reliable information that is in our best interest?  No one will care as much about your finances as you will, so I’m an advocate of equipping yourself to manage your resources.

I was truly blessed to achieve financial independence by my late 40’s.  The journey was full of mistakes and bad decisions, but also great opportunities to learn about effective personal financial management.  Over the last several years, I’ve had the fantastic opportunity to teach and coach hundreds of people on their personal finances, too.  Seeing their stories (and knowing my own) prompted me to write The Seven Principles of Financial Empowerment to educate others on the breadth of financial topics they would need to consider as they manage their resources.

The concept of “financial empowerment” means to control your financial future!  Empowerment is such a powerful word.  It’s a verb – an action.  It means to make stronger and more confident, to control your life and claim your rights.  We don’t need to be financially passive, letting “life” just happen to us.  No more would it be a fearful topic, but one in which we took charge and led with confidence.  That’s what “financial empowerment” is to me, and how to achieve it is what I hope you’ll learn from reading The Seven Principles of Financial Empowerment.

Within this free e-book, I describe my journey to financial independence and then explain the seven areas that everyone needs to include in their financial planning.  By thinking through and acting in these areas, I believe anyone can improve their financial situation immediately, and continue to improve it over time.  These are the exact principles that I followed in my own financial life.

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