Dear friend of Dayspring Financial Ministry, Riverpine Services and/or 60 Minute Finance,

I greatly appreciate your past interest in and support of Dayspring Financial Ministry (and before it, Riverpine Services and 60 Minute Finance).  God has blessed me with this opportunity to teach His financial stewardship guidelines, blending my interest in personal finance and enjoyment of teaching.  As always, His ways are amazing.

To further the outreach of Dayspring, I’ve been blessed to have a new book published, The STEWARD Plan. Please visit for more information about the book.  My goal with the book is to offer a low-cost and easily distributable way to reach a broader audience.  The book outlines Scriptural stewardship wisdom and then applies it to today’s financial, tax and investing world.  It provides a road map for readers to understand how God directs us to handle His resources while also providing practical, modern advice about how to do so.  The material also ties with the curriculum I’ve developed for the live workshop ministry of Dayspring.  Hopefully, audience members will find it to be a helpful tool to reinforce what they’ve learned in the workshop.

All the proceeds from the book, as well as any fees from individual coaching, are pledged to stay within Dayspring to spread the reach of the ministry.  I’m blessed to be able to volunteer my time to write, counsel, travel and present this information.  My first booked speaking event is for a pastor’s conference in Seattle in March.  I’m excited to travel there and see how God uses the opportunity!  Your prayers would be welcomed!

If you feel so led, I would greatly appreciate your purchasing a copy of The STEWARD Plan.  If you have friends, family, co-workers or neighbors who you feel may benefit, please consider purchasing copies for them as well!  The greater the book sales, the higher the listing will appear on Amazon, further expanding exposure of the book and ministry.  Bulk purchases are also available should a church or similar organization be interested in providing copies to their members (please contact me for pricing).

By using THIS LINK, Dayspring will receive a small additional commission from Amazon, but feel free to purchase the book any way you prefer.

Thank you again for your time and support of Dayspring Financial Ministry and 60 Minute Finance.  If I can be of assistance to you in any way, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,