Live Workshops

Live workshops are presented by John Madison with Dayspring Financial Ministry and are focused on teaching Biblically-based financial stewardship principles as well as tax-efficient tithing strategies.  The stewardship presentation and tithing presentation are approximately 75 minutes each, followed by a Question & Answer session for audience members to address their questions.  The workshop can include either presentation or both. The combined presentation lasts approximately three hours, including the Q&A session.

The Financial Stewardship workshop introduces the “Steward Plan” for managing God’s resources in a manner consistent with His Word.  The class uses Scripture to introduce the stewardship principle, then offers specific application for us in today’s financial environment.  The Steward Plan covers these areas:

Setting financial goals

Tithing cheerfully

Establishing a spending plan

Wiping out consumer debt

Accumulating diversified wealth over time

Removing unnecessary financial risk

Developing an estate plan

The Tax-Efficient Tithing workshop is a live presentation teaching multiple strategies to reap larger potential tax benefits from tithing and other charitable giving.  The strategies covered are:

Donating Appreciated Securities

Donor Advised Funds

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Charitable Donations upon Death

There is no cost to the church or the sponsoring organization for our time presenting either workshop.  No investments or insurance products are sold or advertised during the workshop.  They are specifically designed to educate attendees on the Biblical stewardship and tithing, not sell an investment product or service.  We present the information in a relaxed, causal and non-judgmental way to encourage participants to engage in the workshop and feel comfortable asking questions.


While Dayspring Financial Ministry is based in Ashland, Virginia, we will gladly discuss traveling to your church to lead the workshops for your congregation or group.  Assistance with travel cost is appreciated but not required.  Let’s talk about how we can make it work!

The live workshops are led by John Madison, a CPA with 30+ years of experience, and a Biblically-based personal financial counselor. This is the ministry field to which John has been called and any opportunity to help educate fellow Christians is welcomed.  

Contact John to discuss presenting either or both of these free workshops to your congregation or group.  You may email John directly at